Spring 2019

Political types

Our faculty, students and alumni are shaping the narrative of U.S. politics.

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Spring 2019 Features and Columns

Our L.A. story

Through applied research, data-driven storytelling, civic programs and curricula, we are empowering Angelenos to address some of the city’s most vital issues.

The power of podcasting

Podcasters are leading the revitalization of the decades-gone art of radio drama thanks to rapidly evolving technology.

Jean Guerrero crosses the line

Her memoir explores the borders between Mexico and the United States, sanity and madness, science and mysticism, father and daughter.

Scott Lewallen ’03 is a creator by design

The co-creator of the social networking app Grindr constructs creative career choices for himself.


How authenticity of Instagram models affects buying decisions.

Elevating women’s voices

Students create media for social change — with help from their professors, VICE media and Gloria Steinem.

Reframing the discourse on race, gender and identity

Upon accepting the USC Norman Lear Center’s 2019 Everett M. Rogers Award, the Nigerian author, cultural critic and feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche noted how deeply encouraging it was to be in the company of past honorees and their scholarship.

Leaving the gate open for women gamers

For all the talk about diversity and inclusivity, there remains an element of gatekeeping when it comes to women and gaming.

Lasting connections

Willow Bay
Dean and Walter H. Annenberg Chair in Communication

Our ability to listen has never been more important than it is today. To listen actively, looking for information and insight. To listen critically for what’s not being said as much as for what is. To listen with compassion and empathy.

In a world where so many are shouting to be heard, where anger and frustration are no longer simmering beneath the surface but driving our public discourse, where so many still go unheard, that skill of listening is absolutely crucial to restoring our shared humanity.

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