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Professor Craig teaches graduate courses in media industries, management, and practice. His courses include Global Hollywood (CMGT 559), Visual Storytelling (CMGT 552), Media Industries and Management (CMGT 586), and Social Media Entertainment (CMGT 529). He is also an Associate Professor on the faculty at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in the Institute for Cultural and Creative Industries, where he teaches courses in global media and conducts research about Chinese media industries. 

Along with his research partner, Professor Stuart Cunningham, Craig has mapped the contours and dimensions of the global-scaling and rapidly-evolving social media entertainment industries, including a competing Chinese Wanghong Industry. Whether referred to as influencers, YouTubers, vloggers, livestreamers, wanghong or KOLs, these industries are distinguished by creators operating as social media entrepreneurs by harnessing multiple platforms to create commercial and cultural value. Their work is featured in a dozen journal articles, book chapters, monographs, and edited volumes, including Social Media Entertainment (NYU Press, 2019), Wang Hong (Polity, 2020) and Creator Culture (NYU Press, 2021). 

Craig is also a veteran, Emmy-nominated, Hollywood producer and TV programming executive. Over the past three decades, he helped produce over 30 films, television movies and series, web series, documentaries, books, graphic novels, and stage productions. While generated for commercial value, these projects were more often based on history, literature or contemporary social issues and made available as curriculum for schools across the country.  

As an activist, Craig serves on the Board and Jury of the Social Impact Media Awards. For decades, he has been involved in the LGBTQ social movement. He was an early board member of GLAAD, producer of multiple LGBTQ-themed TV movies and plays, featured in a number of books on LGBTQ marriage, and queer media scholar and historian. His UCLA dissertation mapped the critical production and cultural pedagogy of LGBT-themed TV movies from That Certain Summer (1972) to The Normal Heart (2014). 

Course Titles

CMGT 529 - Social Media Entertainment: Creator Industry, Management, and Practices

CMGT 543:  Communication in the Entertainment Industry – Media industries organization, management, and culture. 

CMGT 550:  Hollywood 3.0 – Entertainment franchises and transmedia branding.

CMGT 552:  Visual Storytelling – The development, production, programming, and marketing of scripted film, TV, and web series.

CMGT 559:  Global Hollywood – Evaluation of global and national media industries through the lens of US and China.

CMGT 586:  Entertainment Theory, Industry, and Practice – Through the lens of the emerging social media entertainment industry.