Both in fall and spring semesters, USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism (along with ACCENT International) offers Communication, Journalism, and Public Relation majors an opportunity to study in London and earn Annenberg major credit.  Located in the heart of the city, the ACCENT Centre is within walking distance of the British Museum, the University of London, Piccadilly and Oxford Circus, and Covent Garden.    

The program runs from mid-August to mid-December each fall semester, and early January to mid- May each spring semester. Final program dates will be provided to students once determined.


London is one of the foremost leaders in communication, media and politics. Students enjoy the centrality of their location and the exciting sights and scenes this vast metropolis has to offer.

Students take courses taught by British faculty at the ACCENT Centre in Bloomsbury. Students will take four courses; preliminary courses include the following:

COMM 364 Comparative Media: United States and United Kingdom
COMM 365 The Rhetoric of London
COMM 366 Designing Media and Communication Projects for Social Change
COMM 384 Interpreting Popular Culture
COMM or JOUR 400-level course
JOUR xxx
PR xxx 

**Please note that these courses are not available every semester and change from year to year. Final course schedules will be released to students who are admitted and have committed to participating in the program.**

Communication majors may earn 16 units of upper-division major elective credit for the program. BRDJ and PRDJ majors may earn up to 8 units of upper-division major elective credit for this program. Students following the new BA JOUR major/curriculum may earn up to 12 units of upper-division major elective credit for this program.

Student Life & Activities 
Included within the program are several excursions to such locations as Hampton Court, Oxford, Cambridge, and Liverpool.  There will also be social activities offered in London including visits to theaters and museums.  Students are also registered with the University of London Student Union where they can mingle with British students. For the activities of the Union, view their Website.

Students live in self-contained multi-bedroom apartments located in central London and a short commute/walk from the ACCENT Centre.  Apartments consist of a fully equipped kitchen and shared bedrooms and bathrooms.

All bedlinens, bath linens, and kitchenware will be supplied to the students in their London flats.

Admission Requirements 
This program is only open to Communication, Journalism and Public Relations majors.  The program is currently not open to Annenberg minors.  Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and minimum sophomore standing as of the commencement of the program.

COMM majors must have completed two Theoretical and Foundational courses at the time of application, or one completed and one in progress at the time of application. 

BRDJ and PRDJ majors must have Junior standing at the start of the program and must have completed the School of Journalism Core Curriculum of Newswriting (202/203 or 207), Reporting (302/303 or 307), and Production (306 or 321) OR (308 or 311/321). Students following the new BA JOUR major/curriculum must have Junior standing at the start of the program and must have completed JOUR 307 and JOUR 320.

PREL majors must have Junior standing at the start of the program and must have completed JOUR 351A.

During competitive application cycles (when Annenberg International Programs receives more applications than the number of spots in a study abroad program), all factors that negatively impact applications will be taken into consideration when evaluating students for admission. Please click here to read more information about competitive application cycles and factors for possible disqualification.

Estimated Costs 
Each semester Annenberg International Programs provides an up-to-date cost sheet to admitted students; if there are any changes from the time students are admitted to a program to the time they leave for a study abroad semester, updated cost sheets will be sent to the students.  Please see the detailed estimated program costs below for Spring 2017 (based on Fall 2016 costs). Please note that these costs are subject to change without notice:

Tuition: $25,721
Program Fees: $3,850
Housing: $7,000
USC Overseas Health Insurance*: $610 (may change for Academic Year 16-17)
Round Trip Airfare: $1,500
Personal Expenses (food, entertainment, weekend travel, etc.): $7,000
Additional Expenses (books and supplies, international student identity card, US passport): $332
TOTAL: $45,024

Financial aid and tuition remission may be applied.

*USC Overseas Health Insurance is required on all USC-approved study abroad programs. If a student is already enrolled in USC (domestic) Health Insurance there will be no additional charge for USC Overseas Health Insurance; students will be charged the domestic, on-campus rate (noted above). If a student is normally covered otherwise and waives out of USC Health Insurance on campus, students will be charged USC Overseas Health Insurance at a rate of $92/month.