New Zealand- Spring Only

The Spring 2015 application is now closed. For Spring 2016, check back in August 2015.  
Spring 2015 Program Dates: February 6 - June 27, 2015

Through the Auckland University of Technology and the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, all Annenberg majors can earn up to 16 USC credits per semester while living in Auckland City, New Zealand. This program is open to all USC majors who want to earn general elective units. Approval for non-Annenberg major/minor credit is granted by the non-ASC major/minor department and is not guaranteed. Journalism majors are also eligible for the program, where they can earn 8 journalism major elective units plus 8 non-journalism elective units.

Located in the North Island, Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city, representing about a third of the country’s population. With 23 regional parks, two marine reserves, miles of coastline, and a large urban area with entertainment, nightlife, shopping, Auckland offers the best of outdoor and urban lifestyles.

Courses are offered in many fields, including Communication, Public Relations, Journalism, Advertising, and Marketing, among others. Journalism students will pick from a list of preapproved courses specifically chosen for them by the School of Journalism.

Communication students can typically earn between 4 to 12 units of upper-division COMM credit. There is no guaranteed minimum for approved COMM courses offered at AUT during any given semester.

Student Life & Activities
Students will attend AUT through The Education Abroad Network (TEAN). All students attend a mandatory pre-semester orientation, included in the cost of the program, consisting of four days in Fiji and four days in Auckland. Students will be introduced to Pacific Islander culture in Fiji before moving to New Zealand where Maori traditions permeate the culture and society. Throughout the semester TEAN provides cultural events such as admission to a rugby match and hikes. In addition, students may attend optional excursions through TEAN to Thailand, the South Island and Melbourne at an additional cost.


On campus, the International Student Support team and Campus Life organize social events through the year to help students make the most of the AUT experience. These include horseback riding, caving, harbor cruises, barbeques, beach activities, Noho Marae (a weekend in a tradition Maori setting), ski trips, a weekend in Rotorua, as well as day trips and concerts.

TEAN provides students with accommodation in Wellesley Student Apartments on campus. A range of living options are offered to suit most student needs: from single person rooms to six-bedroom, self contained, apartment living.

Admission Requirements
Students from all majors are eligible to apply. Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and minimum sophomore standing as of the commencement of the program. Journalism majors must have completed the School of Journalism Core Curriculum of Newswriting (202, 203), Reporting (302, 303), and Production (306 or 308). Public Relations majors must have completed JOUR 250 (formerly JOUR 350) and 351A.

Estimated Costs
For Spring 2015, the ESTIMATED cost of the program is $29,364. This includes tuition, housing, health insurance, round-trip airfare, orientation in Fiji and personal expenses (food, entertainment, weekend travel, etc).


Scholarship Opportunities

For the Spring 2015, four $2,100 scholarships are available to students. Details on how to apply are in the application here.

Financial aid and tuition remission may be applied.