International Communication Studies- Summer Only

From L to R: ICS 2008 visit to Al Jazeera in London; 2009 visit to Hotel de Ville in Paris; 2010 visit with Father Federico Lombardi (Director of Vatican Press Office); 2011 program dinner in Prague.

The Summer 2016 Program application will be available on December 4, 2015.

The International Communication Studies program (ICS) allows undergraduate students to study a range of approaches to public communication media across Europe. This program is offered only in the summer and has typically run from mid-June to mid-July. Please note that program dates do vary from year to year; the Summer 2016 dates are listed below.

Students divide the five-week course into stays in London, Paris, Istanbul, Rome and Prague (with the first week spent at USC). In addition to regular class meetings, students discuss the interplay of current world issues and international media practices with communication practitioners from international news and public relations media, government institutions, private industry and global organizations. Examples of visits include BBC World News Service (London), Disneyland Paris, The Vatican (Rome), CNN Turk (Istanbul) and the Foreign Ministry in the Office of the President (Prague).

Students enroll in the cross-listed course: JOUR 482 Comparative Media in Europe (4 units). Journalism and Public Relations majors may earn four credits toward their journalism elective requirements; Communication majors may also earn four credits toward their communication major elective requirements.

Students stay in apartments and hotels depending on the city and availability.

Admission requirements
Students must have a minimum cumulative USC GPA of 3.0 and demonstrate a preparedness to contribute to the dynamic of a small study group, as well as the ability to successfully complete upper division journalism coursework. All USC students may apply.

Estimated Costs
The estimated costs for the 2016 ICS program is $14,414 which includes 4 units of tuition, airfare/local transportation, housing and personal expenses.

June 6 - July 10, 2016
(First day in Europe = June 11)